Who we are

We’re a husband and wife team looking at providing the tastiest, healthiest, unprocessed, raw honey to our local (and not so local) customers.

Our customers can benefit from eating our honey knowing that it has had minimal interference and remains the way bees intended it to bee!

We do not apply any heat to extract our honey and we only filter to remove just the bits you don’t want to see in your honey.

Why choose us

Sticky Feet honey still contains pollen from our local area (Spring Mountain, Brisbane) and all the good enzymes that make honey so good for you – see our post on “The Benefits of Honey”.

  • Tastiest
  • Healthiest
  • Unprocessed
  • Raw


  • Best honey in the world I say … Love it.

    loyal client
  • Just purchased my first bottle of honey 2 days ago & love it 🙂

    Great natural tasting honey !!!

    Thank you so much for great honey & customer service.

    I’ll def be back for more on your next batch of honey.

    Talk to you soon for next order. Happy Easter & a safe one to you all .

  • Such delicious honey

    happy client


Sticky Feet started in early 2015 with one hive for pollinating our garden (and of course for a little bit of honey).  We thought the raw sweet honey our hive produced was delicious and we had enough to share with our family and friends.  Our friends and family also loved our honey so it was clear that one hive was not enough.  We acquired another 2 hives at the end of the summer and soon we were harvesting more delicious honey.  The word got around that we had surplus honey and again it didn’t take long before it was all gone!


Winter came and the bees went quiet which meant we would have to wait until Spring before they would become productive again.  You see, in Winter there are not enough flowering plants to produce the nectar they require to make honey.  On top of that, the dropping temperatures (even though we are located in the sub-tropics) and the shorter days means that they don’t get up at the crack of dawn like they would in the warmer months.  In fact, I have observed that they are only really active between around 9am and 3pm and even less on the colder days.  Bring on Spring!


  • minimal interference to our bees
  • we do not apply any heat to extract our honey
  • we only filter to remove just the bits you don’t want