Shopping Cruelty Free

On a daily basis, animals around the world are subjected to cruel testing, they are…

Isolated and confined in small metal cages. Or possibly in a holding stock – a guillotine like contraption that holds you in place.

Force fed various chemicals / substances via a tube or syringe, or forced to enhale them. Test substances are placed in their eyes.

This testing may last for up to 2 years, some tests last for life.

During this time animals experience some, if not all of the following symptoms; loss of appetite, muscle weakness, hair loss, aggression, internal organ damage, vomiting, tremors, diarrhoea, coma or death.

If death does not come from the results of these tests, you will be killed.

These are some of the scenarios that animals are subjected to on a daily basis.

Say No To These Testing Procedures!

They are unnecessary, very very cruel, and often times inaccurate.

There are alternatives that do not subject animals to this torture and are more accurate.

What We Provide!

A convenient location where you can purchase numerous products where the brands are listed with CCF (Choose Cruelty Free) and/or PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

If at any stage these products no longer meed CCF or PETA guidelines and are removed from the list, we will no longer stock them.

At Must Love Animals we support the companies that Do Not Test On Animals. Thank you for Shopping Cruelty Free...

Shopping For Pets
Did you know that some of the foods and products for our pets are also tested on animals.

  1. Animal testing facilities often conduct unspeakably cruel and inhumane studies.

  2. Nothing ever has to be tested on animals. Not even pet food.

  3. Pet food has to be fed to live animals. This is called a “feeding trial”.

  • Some companies choose not to conduct feeding trials on laboratory animals. These companies provide cruelty-free dog and cat food.
  • Since these trials are not performed on laboratory animals, they do not involve animal testing. They only perform humane and non-invasive feeding trials.
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